Two Etchings by Jackson Simpson: Ben Loyal and Bettyhill

I was delighted to stumble upon these two scarce etchings of the North Coast, by Jackson Simpson (1893 - 1963). Simpson was born in Aberdeen, where he was based for much of his life.  He grew up immersed in art from early on: he was the nephew of another Aberdeen artist, Alec Fraser, and his father was a framer and restorer of paintings.

The first is titled, on the back of the frame "A Glimpse of Ben Loyal." The summit of this fine mountain that stands at the head of the Kyle of Tongue can be seen in the distance. The question is, where is this view taken from? It appears that Ben Loyal is seen from the side, rather than the more familiar frontal view. This would make the image a view from further north, perhaps the Borgie area where there is a certain amount of forestry. Any help in identifying the site would be much appreciated. What is the stretch of water seen in the distance? Is it a view from further south, perhaps with Loch Loyal visible?

The other etching is titled bottom left, in pencil, "Baited Lines, Bettyhill." No doubt, then, as to where this is. A charming view of boats and fishing activity on the North Coast, with interesting detail like the water pump in the foreground.

Neither etching is dated, but I suspect they are early 20th century. Most, if not all the houses are still thatched, and the feel of the prints is more Victorian than later. These are important images, that deserve a page of their own on my website.