A Set of 9 Watercolours by Evan Baillie of Dochfour

I have in my collection a small portfolio of nine watercolours by Evan Baillie of Dochfour. Not perhaps the finest artwork, and not all of Scotland (one is of Alnwick, and only three are titled), but they are of interest as he was a member of the Baillie family who have occupied Dochfour House for over 500 years. Dochfour lies some seven miles SW of Inverness, at the north end of Loch Ness.

The three paintings that are titled state that they are by Evan Baillie Junior, with one of Dochfour Hill dated 1873. The question is, which Evan Baillie is this artist, for a number of males from the family include Evan in  their names. The date 1873 suggests two possibilities: Evan Baillie (1798 - 1883), and his elder son, Evan Peter Montagu Baillie (1824 - 1874). The ;Junior' of course suggests the latter candidate, but there was another Evan Baillie (c.1741 - 1835) who preceeded and overlapped the Evan born in 1798. Assuming the artist to be Evan Peter Montagu, it should be noted that his painting of Dochfour House was done a year before his death. His father, Evan Senior(?) outlived him.

Dochfour Hill by Evan Baillie Jun. of Dochfour. 1873.

Dochfour House (not the building painted in the picture above) is a fine late 18thC mansion that replaced the earlier building that was burnt down during the 1745 Jacobite rebellion. Of particular interest to me is the fact that Evan Baillie (1740 - 1835) bought nearby Tarradale House from Sir Roderick Impey Murchison in 1818. Murchison is of course the famous geologist who was a central figure in the Highlands Controversy that was centred on the NW Highlands. His father, Kenneth, had bought Tarradale House in 1788, and it was the house in which Roderick was born. After passing down through two generations of Baillies, the house was sold to Miss Amy Yule in 1900.

These are the other watercolours by Evan Junior. Sadly only two others are given locations. If anyone recognises any of the untitled views, do please let me know.

Charlestown Harbour [Fife?] by Evan Baillie Jun. of Dochfour.

Bridge at Alnwick by Evan Baillie Jun. of Dochfour.

Untitled.                                                                                                                       Untitled.

Untitled.                                                                                                                       Untitled.

Untitled. A ridge that someone might well recognise.

Untitled. Perhaps the most carefully composed of his paintings.