Vernon MacAndrew Photographs: Caithness and Sutherland.

I have in my collection a set of magic lantern slides taken by Vernon William MacAndrew (1880 - 1940). MacAndrew was based in Dartmouth, from where he ran his MacAndrew Shipping Company, and pursued his interest in yachting. At the outbreak of World War Two, he offered his yacht Campeadore V for patrol work in the English Channel, and on June 22nd 1940, he was killed when the vessel hit a magnetic mine dropped by a German plane the night before.

MacAndrew was a keen photographer, being an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society. Those photos in my collection are of the time he spent on the Bighouse estate in Caithness. They are thought to date from 1919. I thought it worth displaying them on this website.

Looking down onto the Estate at Bighouse, which is situated on the waters of Halladale.

Melvich Hotel.

On board a Wick vessel.

Inevitably, fishing and shooting were pastimes. Salmon catch, probably at Halladale.

Off in the Briton. Presumably the MacAndrew family.


Rowing at Melvich Bay.

Netting Salmon at the mouth of the River Halladale.

Picnic at Melvich Cliffs.


On the Loch - location unknown.

A good haul.

...and poured into the water, in the hope of encouraging a successful fishing season. Or is it just a waste of good whisky?....

The salmon pool at Forsinain.

In the Peat Hags.

The Kyle of Tongue, looking towards where now the Causeway is to be found, with Ben Hope in the distance.

Salmon Libation: an interesting tradition. Whisky is brought to the Waters of Halladale.....

Titled "Blackhouse, Bighouse."