"Twenty Caricature Plates to Illustrate Dr. Johnson's 'Tour to the Hebrides' by James Boswell."

Thomas Rowlandson drew a series of caricatures to illustrate an edition of Boswell's "Tour to the Hebrides". This set was originally published by E. Jackson in 1786, though my set may be a later 19th century edition, pulled from the original plates.

2 Frontispiece. All Hail Dalblair! Hail to Thee Laird of Auchinlink.
3 The Journalist. Johnson claims his Scottish heritage.
4 The Embrace. Johnson arrives in Edinburgh.
5 Walking Up the High Street. Johnson & Boswell, arm in arm.
6 Tea. Johnson enjoying tea at Boswell's house.
7 Chatting - into the early hours.
8 Veronica Breakfast Conversation. Johnson amuses Boswell's granddaugh
9 Wit and Wisdom. Johnson is well fed by Mrs Boswell.
10 Setting Out from Edinburgh. With the servant Joseph Ritter.
11 Scottifying the Palate. Boswell tempting Johnson unsuccessfully wit
12 Revising for the Second Edition. Johnson removed some offensive pas
13 The Procession. They explore Saint Andrews.
14 The Vision. Lord Kilmarnock beheaded!
15 Lodging at a M'Queens. Boswell awake while Johnson sleeps.
16 The Reconciliation. Boswell attempts to gain Johnson's forgiveness.
17 The Dance on Duncan. They ascended Dun-can on Raasay.
18 The Recovery. Boswell with a hangover.
19 Sailing Among the Hebrides.
20 The Contest at Aucinleck. Johnson at odds with Boswell's father.
21 Imitations at Drury-Lane Theatre. Johnson imitating a cow.