The Art of Richenda Buxton

I have obtained a collection of sketches by a remarkable young artist, Richenda Buxton. The collection includes a sketch book recording a holiday in Devon in 1854, by which time she was 34. There are also drawings from European tours she made between 1837-1843. At least one of her Scottish sketches was made made even earlier: it is dated 1836, when she was 16. Another is dated 1841. It is not clear from which tour each of the others belong to. There are two, dated Aug.10, which were unlikely to have been done on the same day, assuming they were done in situ.

Richenda was the daughter of Thomas Fowell Buxton, who married Hannah Gurney in 1807. Hannah was the sister of Elizabeth Fry. Richenda had a brother, Harry, and the two children are shown in this portrait which came up for auction recently. Harry was 15 or 16 when the portrait was made, Richenda, 9.

Although she did not record the very far north of Scotland, I upload these images as particularly fine examples of what an educated Victorian girl could produce.

"Loch Achray & Duncraggan, RB. July 22."

"Stathen castle on Loch Linnhe, Aug 3"

"Loch Tummel, Aug. 10."

Pass of Killecrankie, Aug. 10

Pass of Killecrankie, Aug. 10"

Glenorchy Kirk, Aug. 20

Glenorchy Kirk, Aug. 20".

"Glen Dochart, Aug. 29, 1836."

"Loch Anour, Sept. 1."

"Dunkeld, Sept.3"

"Carr Bridge, Inverness-shire Aug. 8, 1841"

The first drawing, of Loch Achray, is taken from a similar position as another I have in my collection, this done by a very competent hand. I show both below, for comparison.

Loch Achray, by Richenda Buxton.

Loch Achray, by Richenda Buxton.

An original sketch by an unknown hand, titled

An original sketch by an unknown hand, titled "Loch Achray."