France and Scotland: aspects of the 'Auld Alliance.'

In 1942, General de Gaulle called the friendship between Scotland and France "the oldest alliance in the World." I have heard it suggested that the alliance means more to Scotland than it does to France, but it was clearly an important strategic association: Scotland welcomed any assistance in its struggles with England, while France welcomed any chance to irritate and threaten its near-neighbour. My interest is in the period somewhat later than 1295, when the alliance was officially sealed. Don't expect an in-depth analysis on French/Scottish relationships and politics since the thirteenth century: my interest is rather more superficial, and based on 19th century attitudes in cartoons and caricatures. But I hope as well as being entertaining, these few pages might shed some light on Gallic attitudes post-Napoleon.

I hope to add other pages on this subject, starting with some French maps that fail to reflect improvements that had been noted in Britain.