Etchings of Orkney by The Duchess of Sutherland

These are the images of Orkney, taken from Views in Orkney and on the North-Eastern Coast of Scotland by the Duchess of Sutherland. They were sketched in 1805, and published privately in 1807.

Stroma. The northern ocean in vast whirls boils o'er the naked melancholy isles of farthest Thule.

Orkney Islands seen from the East

Orkney Islands from the East. Dunnet Head is on the mainland of Scotland.

             Hoy                                                                                                           Kirkwall.  mainland        South Ronaldsay

                                                                                     Orkney Islands from the South

There can be confusion: the biggest island on Orkney is called Mainland.

                                                                                                                                                                    Pentland Skerries

                                                                            Orkney Islands from the North

The Pentland Skerries are rocky islands, on one of which can be seen a lighthouse. This was built by the Stevensons in 1794. I think the headland just seen on the far right is the north-eastern tip of mainland Scotland.

Cathedral of St Magnus

Tomb in the Cathedral

Arch in the Cathedral

Inside of the Cathedral

Street in Kirkwall

Doorway of the Earl's Palace

Hall of the Earl's Palace

The ruins of the Earl's Palace can be found near the Cathedral in Kirkwall.

Inside of the Hall

Chimney in the Hall

Hills of Hoy

The Dwarfy Stone

The Dwarfie Stane is a megalithic chambered tomb on Hoy.

                           Manse of Frith                              Hills of Orphir and Rondal

                                                                                                Bay of Frith

                  Hills of Hoy                                                                                                                                              Mainland (Orkney?)

                                                                                                View from Hoy

Eastern Circle of the Stones of Stennis 

Western Circle of the Stones of Stennis



The Duchess also added images of Rosslyn Chapel, on the basis that it was founded by William St Clair, Earl of Orkney and Caithness.

Rosslyn Chapel

Column in Rosslyn Chapel

Tomb of Sir William St Clair


On the opposite bank of the River Eske.

Doorway in Rosslyn Chapel